Louis Vuitton Lockme Tote Bag Vs Marni’s Resort 2014 Bags

Louis Vuitton

The one of most important season that a brand become famous and popular is they are in unique and leading fashion trend model design and color match. So, when we reading the world famous brand, there is rarely similar design each other, but it is not many none. Here, The LV Lockme Tote Bags and Marni’s Resort 2014 bag seem design in one type. Here are some of images comparison below. Take a view and tell us which model you like better?

Louis Vuitton Lockme Tote Bag

1 Louis Vuitton Lockme Tote Bag 1

Lockme Tote bags as the latest new model bags appear in Louis Vuitton Cruise 2015 Collection, of course catched many of attention. Those new LV Lockme bag available two materials (Soft Calf Leather and Leather/Python) with two size (PM (12.2″ W x 9.8″ H x 5.9″ D)and MM (13.8″ W x 9.8″ H x 7.5″ D)). It will comes five colorways includes Noir, Tan, Red, Bleuet and Noir with Python.

1 lv size

1 Louis Vuitton Lockme Tote Bag 2

Marni Trunk Bag Resort 2014 Handbags

1 Marni-Bag-2014 3

And those new Marni Trunk Bag Resort 2014 handbags also latest new model bags for Marni brand which new available in September leading a polished and elegant look. Appearance in a mino version with a beautiful hardware on the side really a nice choice for outside.

View both model handbags and which brand you’ve like better? And let’s know whether you are planning to cop them or not. View more handbags new, keep reading Cheap LV bags and enjoy a nicer price!

1 Marni's Resort 2014 Bags4

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Chloe Baylee Tote Bag

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Every once in a while, a designer brand releases a new bag that will hit our weak spot. And when that happens, they will market like crazy and introduce a few more variation of the same style. It happened before with the DIOR’s Diorissimo line, with Alexander Wang’s Rocco bag, with Balenciaga’s Le Dix collection and where did the inspiration of the Hermes Herbag Zip come from, you think?

Chloe Baylee Bag was the hottest thing in town, first seen in the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, this bag has (according to Clare Waight keller) all the elements of the classic boyfriend bags. The first design could be used as a tote and as a shoulder bag at the same time, embellished with the iconic chain bracelet.

Now, the Baylee Collection consists more than a shoulder bag, it’s includes a wallet, the mini tote and now a full-size Baylee Tote bag with no strap, simply made as a shopping tote.

What can I say?

Less sophisticated, more streamlined and so much more chic’er, this bag is perfect for the elegant outfit, for work and even as your weekend bag. The size is generous, one large compartment with an internal pocket that can be opened even when this bag is closed. A two-way zipper is still intact, refined with chloe’s iconic chain bracelet.

For those who hate to baby their bags, the Chloe Baylee tote is made from smooth calf leather. It’s durable and easier to clean than softer materials like lambskin. Measuring 12’ x 15.75’ x 7.25’ (H x W x D) in inches, available in marshmallow blue and street blue.

Priced at $1990 USD or €1300 euro’s at Mytheresa.



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Alexander McQueen Black Woven Grain Heroine Tote Bag

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All bag obsessed has a weak spot for the Alexander McQueen Heroine Tote Bag. I cannot say ‘no’, can you say ‘no?’.

As Lychee should stay pink, banana should stay yellow and the Alexander McQueen Heroine Tote should remain black. We’ve always believed that there’s not much you can change to make it better, but from time to time, Alexander McQueen surprises us with one or two tweak and transform the look differently, and they make it feel differently.

Compare this Heroine tote with the original version, the shape is more structured, straight, a bit boxy and modernized. Totally classic and timeless, you can lock it up in your closet and wear it ten years later, it will still be an iconic.

A padlock hanging on the right handle and the ‘micro’ grain woven texture crafted throughout the bag, it shines and feels so-luxurious. It comes with twin rolled handles and the logo ‘Alexander McQueen’ is stamped on the front of the bag.

Open up to find three empty compartments, ready to store your essentials and to be used as an everyday bag. With zippered welt pocket and a slot pocket at textile interior.

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Louis Vuitton Cabas Rio de Janeiro Tote

Louis Vuitton


‘Articles de Voyage Paris, Louis Vuitton Malletier 101, Champs-Elysees’, this text was marked on the newest Louis Vuitton Canvas Bag from the Spring Summer 2014 Collection. It’s a useful beach bag, an effortless summer tote and a timeless piece of accessory.

Inspired by Rio de Janeiro, a famous city in Brazil, Louis Vuitton decided to re-design the Cabas Tote that we’ve fallen in love to. They replaced the text with ‘Articles de Voyage, Rio de Janeiro, Louis Vuitton Barra Da Tijuca’, a limited edition tote summer tote bag that will be gone forever when this season ends.

Louis Vuitton Barra Da Tijuca is the name of the boutique, located in the ‘shopping Village Mall Avenue of the Americas’, in Rio. And there is always room in our wardrobe for anything that’s beautiful and in limited edition.

Basically this tote is quite similar to the original version – with epi leather trimmings, contrasted edge dyeing, then finished with palladium metallic pieces. The shape can be altered to your need and comfort, just by pressing on the two buttons on each side.

There are rules to follow when carrying this tote, do wear slippers in a mix of colors between green and yellow, stamped with the name ‘Brazil’ on it. Put a white summer dress on with floral cuttings.

Measuring 56 x 32 x 20 cm, priced at R$5.850.

Also available in ‘Louis Vuitton Ipanema’, at Louis Vuitton e-store.



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Balenciaga Tote Fall Winter 2014

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Take your mind back to the Balenciaga Ray Doctor Bag, from the Spring Summer 2014 Collection, you remember? The design; very elegant, modernized, no shoulder strap and the handles… they’re way too stiff for casual days.

One girl commented: ‘Too big for evening and too small for work. Other responded: ‘It’s amazing, unique, and edgy, there is a chance that it will become classic’. A mix of opinions and feelings, I can understand though. I mean, Balenciaga has dominated on the field of motorcycle bags, many fans are loyal and suddenly a new taste popped out.

However, I’d think it’s time for Balenciaga to introduce more variation of bags besides the classic’s, I mean the brand is amazing and well known.

And so, for those who turn their back to the Ray Doctor Bag, everything deserves a second chance right? Having that said, please meet the new Balenciaga Tote Bag from the Fall winter 2014 Collection.

Do notice; a few elements have been copied from the Ray Doctor Bag, like the metal from on the front, printed with the signature Balenciaga.

Furthermore, this bag comes in variations of colors like blue and brown, even in exotic crocodile leather for the ultimate luxury appeal. The metal handles are linked to the signature plate and they are purposely made thin to look feminine.

So far, no news about the prices yet, but we will keep you informed. Let us know what you think, is Balenciaga heading to the right path?



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Fendi 3Jours Tote Bags

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1 / 5

Hello Fendi! What an unexpected surprise? Following the fame-steps of the 2jours tote, a new bag has hit the market; the Fendi 3jours tote. But how will fashionista’s around the world respond? Would you love it as much as you love the peek-a-boo tote?

The 3jours tote is first seen in the Fendi Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign and clearly it’s the updated version of the iconic 2jours tote. You might wonder; ‘What’s the difference?’. One thing I am sure of, it’s quite alike but in the perception of size; it’s certainly bigger.

First; notice the softy wings that give an extra space in case you need it. And instead of a single metal frame on the top edge of the top, the 3jours tote is separated in two parts. On the right metal frame, the Fendi signature has been printed. The luggage tag is wrapped around the handle while the 2jours tote is attached to a custom-made ring.

Measuring 28 x 36 x 16 cm (W x D x H) made from calfskin and they come in variation of colors. The interior is enriched with an internal zip and phone pockets. For now, it’s only available in one size.

I think there are two reasons why the 3jours tote is made. First, it borrows the fame of the Fendi 2jours tote. The peek-a-boo has a lot of similarities comparing to the 2 jours. And while it is more compact, the Fendi 3jours is a bit more slouchy with its soft side-wings. The big sister with more room and space for your essentials.

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