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I can think of at least 3 reasons why you should read this post. Firstly, it’s Disney Tsum Tsum! Secondly it’s Disney Tsum Tsum! And lastly, it’s Disney Tsum Tsum! Jokes aside though, with the way the world is now, it’s probably smartest to start putting your money into gold, and because not everyone here (me included) can actually afford gold ingots, this would be a start. And since they all come designed with the cutest Tsum Tsum characters as well, this is perhaps the best of both worlds. One of actually buying something that will hold its value in the long run, and adorable AF. Really.

From 999 pure gold charms in the shape of Mickey Mouse and Winnie The Pooh you can ‘stack’ onto the bracelet that’s also available via SK Jewellery, they also have cute Tsum Tsum characters in the form of pendants as well as gold coins (choose from 0.2 or 0.5 gm options) that come printed with cute mugshots of Elsa, Stitch, even Marie from the animated classic Aristocats.


For those who want to ‘splurge’, there are even gold bars that come in either 2 gm or 1 gm options. Well, not exactly gold bars, more sheets of gold than anything else, but you know what I mean. While there’s no word yet on their exact prices, you can now check out the full collection at SK Jewellery showrooms across Singapore. Another Christmas gifting option to put onto your shopping list perhaps?

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Amazing Necklace Watches Design Girls Collection 2016

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Amazing Necklace Watches Design Girls Collection 2016

Amazing Necklace Watches Design Girls Collection 2016

Amazing Necklace Watches Design Girls Collection 2016

Adornments has an incredible importance into a lady’s life. A lady utilizes it for adding some excellence to her identity.Amazing Necklace Watches Design.

Amazing Necklace Watches Design Girls Collection 2016

Amazing Necklace Watches Design Girls Collection 2016

The most imperative and broadly utilized bits of adornments are a neckband, studs, rings, wrist trinkets and watches. Be that as it may, among all these jewelry has an incredible significance. It is a neckwear kind of gems. It is worn around the neck area. Pieces of jewelry can be made by utilizing metals, fabrics, plastic, and so on and can be decorated with precious stones, dots, plumes, pointless yet great things, gems, and so forth. On this side, you are going to see an exceptionally surprising variety of watch accessories. Is it true that you are amazed by perusing this name? A watch neckband is composed by taking motivation from a watches. Along these lines, all pieces of jewelry which you are using so as to go to view are planned diverse styles of watches. Observe! Observe this watch jewelry. The configuration of the watch is entirely like a clock. This watch chain is produced by utilizing metal. The outline is looking exceptionally charming; young ladies can utilize it as easygoing and also formal wear with snappy tops and pants.

Amazing Necklace Watches Design

Ake a glance at this other watch neckband. The guitar configuration is making it more noticeable. Young ladies and young men especially the individuals who love music or guitar can run with this configuration of watch accessory. They can wear it is as going to music shows. Investigate the above pictures and let me know about the outline. Do you figure right? Yes obviously you are. It is an owl shape watch neckband. The owl is perched on a branch of a tree. This accessory is made by utilizing metal. His is an antique round face wrist watch accessory. The brilliant and dim impact on the metal are looking extremely pleasant and making it an antique bit of watch accessory. Ladies can wear it for adding some appeal to their identity. I trust that you will be without a doubt Astonished from this gathering. Is it accurate to say that you are or not? On the off chance that you are then you will doubtlessly need to purchase these watch pieces of jewelry likewise, so don’t stress over costs in light of the fact that these are never high.

These pieces of jewelry are effectively accessible into the business sectors on extremely shoddy rates. The watches outlines which are appeared beneath are synonymous with beauty, polish, and class. Every watch neckband is picked with most extreme care so it can coordinate with your prerequisite. Just best plans of watch neckbands are incorporated into this accumulation. Wearing watch neckband can be an appealing pattern for design significant others. In this way, you ought to be prepared for a climate of design and effortlessness by utilizing these pieces of jewelry!

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Brunello Cucinelli Ivory Knot Necklace: The Great White Way

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Brunello Cucinelli Ivory Knot Necklace

I’ve been hooked on Brunello Cucinelli since my very first purchase (a short sleeve cashmere blend coat with fox fur cuffs at the ends of the sleeves – doesn’t get more perfect for Southern California living). His jewelry is equally addicting. The aesthetic is soft and elegant, but there’s always a spectacular aspect that makes your heart stop. For instance, this necklace is really just a simple piece of stranded beads, but the effect is nothing short of breathtaking. The boldness comes from its uniquely layered, teardrop-shaped loops that cascade down like currents in a waterfall. The magnesite beads (minerals that can be dyed to match any color in the spectrum – but as you can see, sometimes no color at all makes the boldest statement) have the look of ivory, and since we don’t condone the use of ivory, it’s the perfect substitute. This necklace possesses a sense of grandeur, so it can definitely be dressed up. But with unpolished beads and leather straps connecting the back, it’s also casual enough to throw on over a cute summer dress, making this a piece you’ll wear often and get compliments on every time. 

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Vannesa Tosoni Pearl Necklaces: Revenge is Best Served in Pearls

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Vanessa Tosoni Pearl Necklaces

Revenge is my favorite show on TV right now, and Victoria Grayson is without a doubt the best love to hate villain. She’s the ultimate Snob  so of course I was thrilled to see her wear my dear friend Vannesa Tosoni’s pearl necklaces on the January 6th episode. Since the first lady of Grayson manor has killed and committed unspeakable crimes for money, she can obviously buy anything she wants but lucky for everyone in the Hamptons, she didn’t need to kill for these affordable fresh water beauties. The large rounded Tiffany pearl necklace is like an updated version of the classic strand of pearls – perfect for a modern matriarch like Victoria. On its own, this is a piece with serious luster, but mixing it with two doubly long strand of smaller Michelle pearlscreated a layered look that was as chic as Victoria herself and yet still fit for a hot summer’s day of plotting at the beach. Find these on VannesaTosoni.com or e-mail Vanessa for more information.

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A Jolt of Cobalt: Blue Ribbon Winners

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A Jolt of Cobalt

As much as I love cobalt, it’s one of those colors that you only need a little of to make a statement. Anything more than that would cause serious shock and awe (and not the good kind). You pack a bigger punch with a jolt of electric color rather than a full-on current, so choose just one piece to layer with – it’ll give even the dreariest of fall neutrals just the kick they need to start the season right.

B Brian Atwood Langden Stretch Cage Sandal: You won’t feel caged in with these stretchy straps. The comfort will surprise you even more than the vibrant color does. 

Nancy Gonzalez Python Crocodile-Bar Clutch Bag: You don’t even need the accessory to be fully cobalt. A blue streak will more than do the job (especially in croc and python!). 

Gucci Pirata Baga Runway Silk Scarf Top: Forget black dahlias – beat the heat with blue dahlias on one of Gucci’s itty-bitty scarf tops. 

Bounkit Gold-Plated Onyx, Quartz and Lapis Lazuli Clip Earrings: While Cleopatra used powdered lapis lazuli as eye shadow, I prefer it in its full (and perfectly faceted) form. 

Pologeorgis Mongolian Lamb Collar: A full cobalt fur coat? Well, that would be a bit much, but a big collar is just right. Wear it with a dress when you want to show off some skin while still staying cozy. 

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Sarah Hyland’s Spring Crops

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Sarah Hyland bloomed in her spring crops recently wearing a top by A.L.C.icon, a flirty white skirt and Bionda Castana pumpsicon . This outfit is perfectly pretty and hits all the basics for the season: a soft pink pastel shade, bright whites and tasteful peeps of skin to preview what summer has in store. Crops are great when paired with longer bottoms. It’s too early to go much shorter, and you want to keep the bottom flowy with such a fitted crop. Try this look on for size for your next spring fling!

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