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MEN’S FOLIO: Ambitious October Issue

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MEN’S FOLIO celebrates its 19th anniversary with its October issue with a theme that centers on ambition. The cover of the latest issue features none other than model and emerging actor, Godfrey Gao.

As the first Asian to front a Louis Vuitton campaign, we can look forward to seeing Godfrey Gao make his mark in Hollywood in the years to come. Donning Zegna Couture for this issue’s cover story, the Taiwanese-born Canadian shares that he can must always ensure that he is never complacent in order to achieve success in his field.

Staying on the chosen theme, the issue also brings us five rising local talents in various fields as well as 19 ambitious and aspirational creations ever made. Curated by the team behind MEN’S FOLIO, the items range from a 2,500-piece limited edition art box to a $100 million superyacht. Capturing the essence of dreams and desires is the Time section in the issue, which features dramatic gold watches.

Along with this feature, MEN’S FOLIO also brings us the hottest accessories of the season. From Paul Smith’s latest writing instruments to the luxurious totes from Dior that you will simply want to get your hands on and the hottest sneakers worn by Elvin Ng, MEN’S FOLIO ensures that readers are kept in the in the loop about the hottest trends.

“New talents are rising in Asia with heightened appeal to the local audience, and the appeal of MEN’S FOLIO has never been so great. MEN’S FOLIO has come a long way since its debut issue in 1997, and it is dedicated to staying true to its original DNA, in continuing to feature Asian men who are an inspiration to many,” says publisher and CEO of Heart Media, Olivier Burlot. He adds that “The magazine continues to thrive forward and its increasingly strong digital presence is a reflection of its strong connection to the fashion savvy male audience in South-East Asia.”

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‘Wow’ (you can say that!).

This is a hottie, the Chanel Golden Class CC Pouch with Chain. So this is much more than a phone holder, it’s an evening treat.

You can choose; either the Chanel Extra Mini Flap Bag, Chanel Extra Mini Squared Flap Bag, the WOC or the Chanel Golden Class CC Pouch with Chain. The other three are almost always available, but this one is seasonal. So when you love it, go and hunt it.

We’ve already covered this bag extensively. Not only is it really cute, also the Golden Class CC Pouch with Quilting has the perfect timeless look. It’s fresh, modern and classy; does it fit your personality?

Style code: A84051, measuring 6.8’ x 4.5’ x 2.8’ inches, priced at $1800 USD, €1650 euro, $13800 HKD, $2630 SGD, $2670 AUD, ¥218160 JPY via Chanel boutiques.

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Facchinetti Swansong for Tod’s: No More to Say

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Watching the runway show from Tod’s this season, one couldn’t help but get the sense that Alessandra Facchinetti was closing a chapter. In the few short years since she had been with Tod’s, she had helped build an exciting ready-to-wear identity for the Italian shoemaker brand. At the start of her time at Tod’s in 2013, there was a definite excitement because of her CV: Ms Facchinetti did lead the womenswear at Gucci post Tom Ford.

This season’s show was preceded by an installation from Vanessa Beecroft, who placed Karlie Kloss (who was pretty much sewn into an ensemble of leather) in a tableau. It shone the spotlight back on the artisans behind the leather the brand is so known for, and that we so love. But when a designer highlights the craft behind her brand so literally, there is the unshakeable feeling that she can only mean to convey “I’ve run out of things to say”. Craft is, these days, a very trusty fallback for luxury brands who want to tout heritage.


But let’s talk about what was on the runway. There was the overarching ’70s vibe – fast cars, hair undone, a little rebellion. Loads of tartan, leather (of course) and hanging accessories (Tod’s is cashing in on a new strain of accessible luxury goods: small, collectible accessories meant to be towed and hung on belts and bags). The clothes themselves left a lot to be desired – here was a designer who, at the start of her tenure, proposed modestly chic and believably captivating clothing for the kind of woman who drives to her job. They were realistic, believable and, above all, combined a feminine understanding of the customer she was dressing with the imaginative technical treatments afforded to her by the brand’s expertise. Which is why I count it a waste that this season, Ms Facchinetti chose to layer us with tartan, worn with leathers that sometimes unnecessarily featured fur details and, in some cases, treated with more deconstructed tartan lines.

The collection shone at its simplest. A look with a leather bomber jacket in oak with a fur collar worn with a slender matching belt and straightforward pants was attractive. You could believe a woman would actually buy and wear these pieces. So, too, was one look with a chunky cable-knit sweater atop sleek leather biker trousers. This is the ease and desirability Ms Facchinetti is otherwise strong at. Tod’s isn’t a fashion brand that pushes avant garde boundaries. Rather, it’s a luxury brand with a clientele that just wants nice things to wear and carry.


The accessories, however, continue in strength. This season’s furry bags with raccoon-tail and honey dipper-esque leather tassels on accessories are plenty of fun. It’s a welcome departure from an endless slew of Wave bags and a convincing case for a light-hearted splurge. Though a thought lingers: this collection is Ms Facchinetti’s last season with the brand, and one can only wonder who, in this industry game of moving and waiting, will replace her.

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This post can go in two ways; either it’s going to be the saddest story or the best story ever. Now why sad, you ask? Well, all of these bags are gorgeous and considered one of the best ‘Classics’, they were affordable but discontinued.

Now why the best story ever; well, if you are one of those Chanel-Obsessed or Newbie-Collector, you might want to use this as a cheat sheet. You see, these bags will always be remembered, so they are the perfect collector items to hunt for. Although you can’t find them anymore at the Chanel boutiques, but you might be able to catch one in the consignment stores.

The purpose of this post is to tell you the story of these classic bags. Each one of them has their own fairytale. So, one two three, are you ready?


Chanel East West Flap Bag

The Chanel East West Flap Bag was the twin sister of the Chanel Classic Flap Bag. They were both inseparable, until one day, Chanel decided to set them apart.

Chanel fanatics that couldn’t afford the Chanel Classic Flap Bag turned over to the Chanel East West Flap Bag because it was much cheaper. But less expensive doesn’t mean that the quality is bad, in fact the material was great as well as the craftsmanship.

Of course, the Chanel Classic Flap Bag was much more popular, but the Chanel East West Flap Bag didn’t care. She was already grateful for all the love she received.

The Chanel East West Flap Bag was discontinued in 2010, the latest price recorded was $2300 USD.


Chanel Kelly Bag

Yes its true, Chanel has a bag called the ‘Kelly Bag’. Now I know what you’re thinking, the Hermes Kelly Bag right? This is also what fashion-ladies were gossiping about at that time. However this bag was quite famous and everyone loved it.

In 2007, Chanel slowly discontinued the larger size first and the years after, this bag was no longer available.

The Chanel Kelly Bag was discontinued in 2010, the latest recorded price was $1450 USD for the small size and $1595 USD for the large size.


Chanel Cambon Tote Bag

The Chanel Cambon Tote Bag was one of the four top-stars. The other three were the Chanel Mediallion Tote Bag, the Chanel Petite Shopping Tote Bag and the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote Bag.

Not everyone was fond of the Cambon Tote Bag because there were other choices. But the price was reasonable and the quality was all right. The design is timeless with a beautiful large CC logo on the side and we adore the quilting.

The exact reason for discontinuing the Cambon Bag was not shared but some people say that there were too many knock-offs, which is actually true. When the Chanel Cambon Tote Bag existed, replicators were copying like there was no tomorrow.

The Chanel Cambon Tote Bag was discontinued around 2012. The latest price recorded was $3260 SGD for the large size.


Chanel Mediallion Tote Bag

All the ladies said: ‘When Chanel Mediallion Tote Bag was discontinued, my heart sank.’ So sad, because this bag was one of the most popular choices back then. You can compare its fame like the iconic Boy Chanel Quilted Flap Bag today – you know it exists but every boutique keeps telling you its OUT-OF-STOCK.

The Chanel Mediallion Tote Bag is cute and features a large CC print on the front. A Mediallion with Chanel signature was attached on the zipper. However, the bag was not made to carry heavy essentials and it was not made to carry much. But it was the perfect everyday bag and one to be proud of. The Chanel Mediallion Tote Bag was also one of the few Chanel bags that were made 100% from leather, the inside as well as outside.

The Chanel Mediallion Tote Bag was discontinued around 2012, the latest price recorded was $2400 USD.


Chanel Petite Timeless Tote Bag (PTT)

Life became much bitter, because many people felt like Chanel was taking everything we love away from us, one by one, very much like torturing. Here’s a comment from a Chanel lover: ‘I walked into the Chanel store at Dubai and asked for the PTT. The SA said, the PTT has been discontinued. I got the shock of my life’.

The Chanel Petite Shopping Tote Bag style code was discontinued in December 2012, the latest recorded price was $2750 USD, €1660 euro.


Chanel Petite Shopping Tote Bag (PST)

After the PTT recession, came the PST depression. Because many classic tote bags were already discontinued, a huge crowd jumped over to the Chanel Petite Shopping Bag. But then the news hit: ‘The PST is discontinued’, heartbreaks followed and the classic tote options were shrinking.

The latest information we got was that the PST is removed from the Classic Collection and there might be a chance that they will bring the PST back in the future as a seasonal bag.

The news about discontinuing the PST came in the late 2012/beginning 2013. But some stores were still stocking them until around 2014/2015 (or not stocking them, just available because they have some left in the back). As per today, this bag is really discontinued, so no more false hopes.

The Chanel Petite Shopping Tote Bag was discontinued in the late 2013/beginning 2013, the latest price recorded was $2200 USD, €1500 euro.


Chanel Grand Shopping Tote Bag (GST)

The Chanel Grand Shopping Tote Bag was the final blow. The SA’s were sharing their customers about this devastating news in 2015 – ‘the GST is about to be discontinued’.

Chanel fans were keeping each other up-to-date at Bragmybag. All the shoppers around the world were panicking and trying to find the last few pieces left.

The Chanel Grand Shopping Tote Bag was discontinued in 2015, the latest recoded price was $2900 USD.

Oh yes, just like the PST, some people say that the GST will return, but not as a Seasonal Bag.

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Dior Lucky Badges and My Lady Dior Bag Reference Guide

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Presenting the new My Lady Dior and Lucky Bagdes from the Cruise 2017 Collection. The My Lady Dior is a new small size of the iconic Lady Dior Bag which has a wide customisable shoulder strap. The Lucky Badges are metal pins made of enamel, inspired by Christian Dior’s own lucky charms, which can easily be clipped on the strap. These includes the bee, rose, star, heart, Dior logo and 26 alphabets. The badges are currently only available for the My Lady Dior Bag, which includes three of these, of your own choice, when you purchase the bag. The new My Lady Dior now comes with an easy open flap closure. Colors available are Black, Red, Blue, Gray, Pink, Yellow, Silver and Gold.

My Lady Dior and Lucky Badges

Style, Price & Size




Dior My Lady Dior Small Bag $4,500.00 (USD) 7.9″ x 6.7″ x 3.5″
Dior Lucky Badges $55.00 (USD)


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