Celebs Would Really Rather You Didn’t Bother Them with Bags from Marni and Chanel

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I love a bag when everything is flawless – the shape, color, look, print and the hardware. Only when all of these elements are designed on the correct way, can we say that a bag is gorgeous.

Meet Kate Spade Emerson Place Tinley Bag, from the moment we’ve spotted it, our minds was distracted. It’s a gorgeous piece of work and it has the timeless look you’re looking for. And the price is just right, so that it can fit into your shopping budget.

Painted in single colors, crafted with diamond quilted patterns and the tassel is attached to the zipper for the final refinement. The round and curvy is shape is what everyone loves about, because it has the lady-like look. And as final, it comes with a long chain for shoulder carry.

The logo is fixed on the front and when you open the zipper to look into the interior, you will find one large compartment as well as an slide pocket for your instant-essentials. This is the perfect everyday bag as well as for the evenings. It’s as polished as it is pretty, it’s a true go-everywhere, wear-with-anything style.

Measuring 5.2’ x 6.7’ x 2.7’ (H x W x D) inches, with 22’ inch cross body chain and priced at $258 USD, €295 euro. £235 GBP, via Kate Spade boutiques or e-store.






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Paragon S.C: Small Is Beautiful

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Think of it this way, mini bags are still the rage, easy to wear and make total sense when you’re out shopping the weekend away. You can take this cute number out to tea or bring it along when you’re out painting the town red. Besides keeping you hands-free (as you sling it over the shoulder, or wear it across the body), it fits its very purpose as a bag, small as it might be, the right size to keep your essentials in one tightly edited space and close to your body.

Why black? Well, black goes with literally everything in your wardrobe (with some of you out there raising your hands in unison, yes I see you). Besides being easy to match, stains hardly show up on black bags, making it the go-to colour of choice when it comes to bags. Right?

With all that said, here are 5 small and beautiful bags from luxury brands at Paragon you should most definitely consider this season. First up, we’ve got Loewe’s Barcelona (SGD2490) which comes in smooth box calf. Its elongated strap allows for easy crossbody wear, or can be doubled up to function as a cute sling over the shoulder.

Talking about cute, the Sylvie Leather Mini Bag from Gucci (SGD3080) has been given an adorable update. It retains all the iconic elements like the green/red nylon web and the metal buckle closure, but is given an extra top handle for you to tote along the streets. The Sylvie also comes with two straps – a standard leather shoulder strap and another twisted nylon web strap, both of which are detachable with a 20” drop.

Rounding up the selection of bags with metallic elements, we’ve got this special edition lace-cut Cahier from Prada (SGD4310). Prada’s Cahierrange has been selling well since its first launch a couple of seasons back, with limited number of pieces for sale each time around whenever a new design launches.

For a more pared-down look (read: timeless), look no further than these two bags from Givenchy and Balenciaga. Givenchy’s Nano Horizon(SGD2100) and Balenciaga’s Blanket (SGD1870) both feature the respective house’s logo on the front and come with removable shoulder straps for days that you just want to top tote the cute number out. The Blanket is a new design from Balenciaga and its top handles are also retractable, meaning you can hide them in and hold it as a mini clutch/pouch as well.

These 5 bags have another thing in common. They are all available at Paragon right now. Which means all you really need to do is to hit one mall and check all 5 beauties out at the same time. And while you’re shopping, do know that Paragon is currently running a mall-wide promotion.

Simply spend SGD800 from 24 March to 16 April 2017 and you can redeem SGD50 worth of vouchers at Paragon Concierge, which can be used at the mall. In other words, shop and be rewarded with a nice meal at the end of the day, or more shopping perhaps?

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Loewe Fall 2017 Campaign Feat Gisele Bundchen

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Loewe Fall 2017 Campaign Feat Gisele Bundchen Loewe Fall 2017 Campaign Feat Gisele Bundchen

Loewe Fall 2017 release campaign starring supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Ads plastered in Paris ahead of the March 3, runway presentation brand. Loewe Fall 2017 feat Gisele Bundchen’s first campaign in a Sun Hat brimmed with slices of bread are illustrated. While other full-body photographs highlighting the checkered dress and knee-high boots. Loewe Fall 2017 campaign Photographer Steven Meisel captured the beauty of Brazil in two pictures.

Loewe Fall 2017 Campaign Loewe Fall 2017 Campaign Feat Gisele Bundchen

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Chanel released an unique piece for the Spring Summer 2017 Collection Act 1 – a brand-new Chanel Chevron Flap Bag. Besides the Chevron Quilting, this bag is embellished with an distinctive part-hardware and part-leather CC logo.
V Lai purchased this bag in Neiman Marcus for $2800 USD, she saw it in red as well as in black and picked the black color. She is 5’, so the size as well as the crossbody chain length fits perfectly on her.

And here’s another image inside her bag; one small classic Chanel wallet and one iPhone 7. This bag is gorgeous and timeless, but it’s only available this season.

V Lai, Congrats with your new purchase!


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Bottega Veneta Delights with Ultra-Luxe Fall 2017 Runway Bags for Both Men and Women

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With the exception of maybe Hermès, it's hard to think of a brand that's as steady and steadfast as Bottega Veneta. I can't think of a time when I've looked at one of the brand's runway collections and seen something that was obviously designed to a popular trend or look; instead, BV persists by making true classics, again and again.
Bottega Veneta Fall 2017 follows in that well-worn tradition, and the dual men's/women's show included a host of bags that will likely look as strikingly luxurious in ten years as they do right now. The nice thing about Bottega bags, of course, is that you can also count on them to be in good shape ten years from now. 

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