Charlotte Olympia Dangerous Liaisons Box Clutch

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If they create a bag that looks like a bra, then I do not like. If they design a bag that has the appearance of a sex-toy handcuff, then I do not want to invest. What I love is something distinctive and well balanced so you can wear it at day, at night and even during the weekend.

Presenting Charlotte Olympia Dangerous Liaisons Box Clutch, it’s another well-designed accessory that got the best of both worlds – Chic and Glamorous. Pair it with your black pumps, white silk shirt and black jacket, the perfect combination to dress for work.

It’s dangerous (just like its name says). But why? Perhaps the ‘gorgeous’ golden studs are strong enough to be used as a weapon, uh? Slam it into someone’s face? Just kidding! But with its circular handle, this Charlotte Olympia Liaisons Box Clutch is certainly an innovative statement accessory. It adds a typical cool finish to your LBD.

Made from acrylic glass, available in either black or transparent. Measuring 5.5’ x 5.5’ x 1.5’ (L x W x D), available at MyTheresa for $1,615 USD.




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Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2015 Collection Will Include $40,000 Alligator Bags

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Marc Jacobs Surplus Plus Alligator Bags

Runway shows are only half the story; you don’t get the full picture of what a designer has planned for a season until the lookbooks and price lists come out, and thanks to Moda Operandi, a lot more of that information is now made public in a timely manner than ever before. As ourfriends over at Racked noted earlier this week, Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2015 trunk show includes three very notablebags that all ring in at a cool 40 grand.

Jacobs left Louis Vuitton after his Spring 2014 collection in order to focus on his own brand and its rumored, eventual IPO, and accessories are proving to be a huge part of that expansion. Jacobs has launched a handful of new, well-received foundational styles since his departure from Vuitton, and like basically every other accessories brand hoping to capture both the highest-dollar clients and those with more reasonable incomes who wish to emulate them, his next logical frontier is exotics.

In case $40,000 all at once seems a little steep, you can hand over a paltry 20 racks now and keep the other 20 for yourself until the pre-order comes to fruition in the spring. The bag will come in olive, brown and, for those of you who want to tempt fate with five-figure bag in a light color, cream. Check out the bags below or shop the full collection via Moda Operandi through September 23.

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So Nice We Had To Cover It Twice: 15 More of the Best Burgundy Bags for Fall

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Best Burgundy Bags for Fall 2014

Fall is upon us, and we love covering the seasonal trends as we see them arise. Amanda already shared 20 burgundy bags to start your fall wardrobe, and today I’m revisiting the subject.

Burgundy bags can be found in almost every designer’s handbag selection for fall, and it doesn’t take much wondering to figure out why. Burgundy (bordeaux, oxblood, whatever you want to call it) is a color that’s subtle yet powerful and easy to pair with a variety of outfits and colors. Looking to wear fall tans? Burgundy works. Sticking with an all-black ensemble? Burgundy still works. It also gets along well with a variety of non-neutrals; the color transforms and makes itself the perfect accent for almost every palette, and that’s why designers find it a sure shot.

I found 16 more of the best burgundy bags for fall, and truth be told, if I won the lotto, I might go out and buy every single one of them–I love them that much. Check out my additional picks for fall’s best burgundy bags below!

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Instagram Handbag Celebrity

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bibi2cuori Instagram Celebrity

Instagram has been flooded with both amazing bags from fashion week and new fall purchases, but we couldn’t help but notice one Instagram user in particular.

Maybe it was the pictures from her recent travels that caught our eyes, or maybe it was her extensive collection of colorful Hermès and Chanel bags that caused us to find ourselves endlessly scrolling through her feed. While we know very little about who Bibi actually is, she has no problem showing her identity in her photos.

After scrolling through every single photo (literally, every single one), we’re thinking she might be Italian, based on the fact that Italians often have a way of looking effortlessly glamorous. (Okay, some of her captions may have hinted at it as well.) Take a look below at some of our favorite bags from Bibi’s collection or head straight to her Instagram to see the full feed.

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Balenciaga Cable Shopper Tote

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Though we, the incurable bag-obsessed-fashion-people, know that we will probably never make it in life without the Balenciaga Motorcycle Bags, (to name one example, the Classic City Bag) we have a great respect for the work that Alexander Wang has done for Balenciaga.

I mean, the Le Dix Bag Collection was one of the chicest bag ever created for Balenciaga, it’s also a market that Balenciaga never went. Now with a La Dix on your hand, you can flaunt it at any formal gatherings.

The next creative invention that Alexander Wang made, is no other than the Balenciaga Cable Shopper Tote. Cable?! A confusing name but, if you look closely, you will see another elegant handbag that’s so-different and never-seen-before.

It’s feminine, elegant and streamlined. It’s just you, the leather and the golden plate on the front, with Balenciaga signature on it. Crafted from patent leather or smooth calfskin leather, with metallic handles and invisible press stud closing system. It also comes with an interior zip pocket.

The Balenciaga Cable Shopper Tote is available in two sizes, here are the details:

Balenciaga Cable Shopper Tote
Size: 40 x 42 x 12 cm (W x H x D)
Price: $2,055 USD or €1395 euro’s

Balenciaga Cable Shopper Tote in Patent
Size: 40 x 42 x 12 cm (W x H x D)
Price: $2,055 USD or €1395 euro’s

Balenciaga Small Cable Shopper Tote in Patent 
Size: 28 x 37 x 9 cm (W x H x D)
Price: $1,615 USD or €1095 euro’s






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This Is How to Wear Culottes the Right Way

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Love 'em or loathe 'em, culottes and cropped, wide-leg pants are back. We saw them on the international Spring 2014 runways but it's taken a little while for the fashion crowd to really embrace the trend. Well, embrace it again

Thankfully, the revived '80s favourite has taken on a totally new aesthetic for the season, with everyone from Valentino to local label Nicholas championing the look in current collections. While culottes are still the cool girl's tomboy alternative to a skirt, we've found one styling trick to make this look feel completely ladylike — and another that makes it seem almost as wearable as your trusted blue jeans. Almost.

Lily Aldridge is the latest style star to tackle the trend, pairing the wide-leg, cropped pants with a midriff-baring top on her way to the airport. But the street style crowd are also embracing the look, so come on, be brave! Keep scrolling to see and shop two street style-inspired ways to tackle the trend. 

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