Ageless Superhuman Jennifer Lopez Conducts Daily Life in Towering Casadei Pumps


Jennifer Lopez Casadei Blade Pumps

Here’s Jennifer Lopez, leaving a meeting at a studio in Century City, wearing Casadei Blade Pumps and carrying a Chanel bag. J-Lo is particularly fond of this style of Casadeis; we saw her in this pale grey suede pair back in May. You can find a pair of black suede Blades . Age-defying romper and Chanel bag sold separately.

Towering pumps with pencil-thin heels make up the vast majority of Jennifer Lopez’s designer shoe collection, but Jenny from the block also lays claim to a fair amount of towering, pencil-thin heeled boots as well. You can check them all out in “The Many Shoes of Jennifer Lopez.” If you simply can’t be sated by shoes, you can also peruse “The Many Bags of Jennifer Lopez” on PurseBlog.

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