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What is this? Another Chanel Tote Bag? There seems to be nothing special about it. But sometimes the appearance might be deceiving, because it’s actually a beautiful Trio Pouch. You see, the last time we’ve spotted a trio Bag was in 2014 – remember the Chanel 3 Bag? The face looked similar like the Classic Flap Bag, but the interior and the side were completely different. But anyways, the 3 Bag is now gone, forever. So you might want to try on the Chanel Trio Pouch Flap Bag from the Cruise 2018 Collection.

The Design

It’s a big bag, much bigger than the Classic Flap Bag. Take a big look as it’s designed in square shape with nice curvy edges. The top is made with flat leather handle just like on the Coco Handle Bag. But you can also carry it on your shoulder as it comes with a long woven chain leather strap.

And just like any classic handbags, the center features a slightly bigger CC logo in smooth gold hardware. The body is completely diamond quilting for the timeless look and it comes with a large flap. But the beauty is not its exterior; in fact it’s the interior that will make you fall in love. Now let’s dive in.

The Interior


To give you the best view on how the interior looks like, we can only show the side. As you can see, it functions like a Trio Pouch – there are three separated and almost-equal-sized compartments designed, making it easy to organize your stuff. So what do you think?

The Prices And Sizes

Unfortunately, we do not have the sizes and prices. We will update this page once we get more info. Please check with the SA for more details.

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