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We’ve been eyeing like a hawk on the Chanel Chevron Medal Flap Bag since it was launched in the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection. It’s such an astonishing handbag with fine details that can make anyone obsessive. It’s distinctive because no components have been copied from the classics yet the design looks so timeless. And even tough it’s a seasonal bag; beauty does come with a price. We can say that the price tag is evenly matching to the Classic Flap Bag, or perhaps even higher. But let’s do a comparison to find out.

The Design


Chanel creates two kinds of diamond quilting; the puffy quilting like in lambskin or the flat quilting like the Chanel Flat Quilted Clutch With Chain.

But what we don’t often see is the flat quilted chevron leather. We know the puffy chevron quilting exists. But the flat chevron quilting?

Oh well, perhaps that’s what makes this Chevron Medal Flap Bag special. It’s designed with flat chevron quilting with beautiful vivid stitches. The bag is made from calfskin and we can feel the durability just by looking at the picture.


The Chevron Medal Flap Bag will definitely hold shape and there are two details that are very eye-catching. First the newest CC closure on the center of the flap. This CC logo is built like a chevron medal. The color of the top part matches to the shade of the bag. It’s also embellished with the CC logo. The bottom part is refined with gold hardware for the shimmering effect. It’s also embellished with the house’s signature that reads: ‘Chanel Paris’.

The chain strap is even more fine-looking. The chain must be inspired by a jewel-like wear, like a necklace or a bracelet. The chain looks fabulous and elegant. The chain is also connected to a leather strap for shoulder or cross body carry.

Overall, this bag is a great investment partly because it’s seasonal and thus a limited edition piece. The overall design is crafted to last-forever, forever-in-fashion.

The Chanel Chevron Medal Flap Bag vs Classic Flap Bag


Let’s compare the medium-sized of the Chanel Chevron Medal Flap Bag with the Medium Classic Flap Bag. Which bag is bigger, and what’s the price?

The Chanel Medium Chevron Medal Bag is measured 6.3’ x 2.8’ x 9.1’ inches and it’s priced at $4600 USD. The Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag is measured 6’ x 2.5’ x 10’ inches and it’s priced at $5300 USD.

So what’s the conclusion?

The Medium Chevron Medal Bag is about the same size of the Medium Classic Flap Bag. It’s bigger in some parts but also smaller in other parts. But overall, they can be matched.

The Medium Chevron Medal Bag is priced at $4600 USD while the Classic Flap Bag is priced at $5300 USD. So this seasonal bag is also slightly cheaper too.

So what do you think? Would you rather choose this bag or the Classic Flap Bag?

The Prices And Sizes

Chanel Small Chevron Medal Flap Bag
Style code: A57490
Size: 5.5′ x 2.4′ x 7.5′ inches
Price: $4100 USD, $5300 CAD, €3650 EURO, £3280 GBP, $6220 SGD, $33500 HKD, $5990 AUD, ¥511920 JPY, ¥29900 CNY, ₩5090000 WON

Chanel Chevron Medal Flap Bag
Style code: A57491
Size: 6.3′ x 2.8′ x 9.1′ inches
Price: $4600 USD, $5975 CAD, €4100 EURO, £3680 GBP, $6990 SGD, $37600 HKD, $6830 AUD, ¥575640 JPY, ¥33600 CNY, ₩5720000 WON

Chanel Large Chevron Medal Flap Bag
Style code: A57492
Size: 7.1’ × 3.1’ × 10.2’ inches
Price: $5100 USD, €4500 euro, £4040 GBP, $7670 SGD, $41200 HKD, $7490 AUD, ¥631800JPY, $6575 CAD, ₩6270000 WON

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Laura Sanchez hits the beach for the July 2018 issue of ELLE Vietnam. Photographer Olga Rubio Dalmau captures the brunette beauty in designer swimwear looks. Styled by Laia Gomez, Laura poses in trendy bikinis including stripes, ruffles and logo details. The leggy stunner models designs from labels such as Calvin Klein, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Laura Sanchez Models Swimsuit Season Looks for ELLE Vietnam

Laura Sanchez Models Swimsuit Season Looks for ELLE Vietnam

Laura Sanchez Models Swimsuit Season Looks for ELLE Vietnam

Laura Sanchez Models Swimsuit Season Looks for ELLE Vietnam

Laura Sanchez Models Swimsuit Season Looks for ELLE Vietnam

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Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash

The one thing that is constant is change, even in fashion. In fact, fashion trends always change from season to season—so what may be trendy for summer will inevitably go out of style come autumn. Smart fashionistas know that, while this is true, there are certain types of clothing and accessories that never go out of style.

Timeless fashion trends tend to be classic, and they withstand the test of time because they fit everyone—regardless of body type, age, or skin tone. Additionally, they are time savers too because you no longer have to think about styling them because they look great on their own no matter what. 

If you’re here looking to save money by investing in worthwhile fashion pieces or if you want to look for something that works every time, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five fashion trends that never go out of style.


Every man or woman should have a classic white button-down shirt or two in their closet. They are a fashion staple because they can be used as a foundation for various wardrobes, and their versatility is endless. They can be paired with dress pants, jeans, leggings, skirts, and even khaki shorts.

Simply put, they are a clothing piece that can transform your ensemble into anything with the right bottoms, accessories, and shoes. Additionally, these shirts can be bought anywhere.


Everyone wants to opt for a generic coat, but smart buyers know that leather jackets are where it’s at. It is the perfect form of outerwear for men and women and can go with almost anything. High-quality leather jackets offer style, protection, and comfort, so you never go wrong with wearing it no matter where you go.

Buying leather jackets is a smart investment. You should know that you are expected to pay a lot for those made with genuine leather because they last long and offer a high level of utility. They can be worn for years and years, and you won’t see signs of fray, ripping, tearing, or unraveling just as long as you keep them in good condition, of course. Your vintage tote bags, belts, and other leather products will also outlast any wear if you take care of them in a similar manner. 

Since its inception, the leather fabric only became more and more popular, and it’s here to stay. It is a useful material that won’t be going off the radar anytime soon. If you’re looking for high-quality leather wallets, head on over to GGG for a great selection.


Everyone needs a good pair of denim jeans no matter if you are into skirts, dress pants, shorts, loungewear, or even suits. Whether you like it or not, it goes with anything.

Additionally, jeans are always a perfect backup for when you run out of clothes to wear, and they’re long-lasting, so they don’t need to be washed after every use. This is not to say that they shouldn’t be laundered ever; it means that they can go for several days to a few weeks of being worn and you won’t have any problems.

It is a timeless fashion trend because it looks good on anyone. When shopping for a pair of jeans, make sure to get proper-fitting ones and that they have the right amount of stretch. If you’re unsure which type of denim to get, dark denim is always a safe and good choice.


Since their inception, white sneakers only became more and more popular. They’re versatile footwear, and they’re here to stay. Why? They go with almost any outfit and can be used every day, from commuting in the city, going to work, meeting up for dinner, running errands, having drinks with friends, and more.


While a watch is an item mostly known for being a staple in men’s style, women should also invest in high-quality timepieces. It is a myth that watches have become irrelevant in the twenty-first century with smartphones and gadgets dominating people’s lives. As a functional accessory, it adds class and elegance to any outfit. 


As it so happens that some of the clothes in your closet are no longer the hottest things around or your preferences have changed, don’t be too quick to throw your outfits away. You can sell clothes online and make money while freeing up space in your closet, or you can repurpose your clothes into some other functional pieces you can use, like jeans turned into bags or old shirts patched into quilts.


Not everyone has an impeccable fashion sense, so it is not at all bad to get advice from those who know what they are doing. The items mentioned here are just some of the most basic clothing pieces that everyone should have.

It is best to spend some time to learn about fashion so that you can confidently buy clothes that you know will look good in and cultivate good fashion sense. Timeless outfits and trends are capable of letting the wearer look in style and sharp no matter the time or season.

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Louis Vuitton


The City Steamer Bag was introduced in 2015 as a part of the Fall Winter Collection. Nobody knew its destiny, but Nicolas Ghesquière pushed it to become the house’s next classic bag. Now fast forward three years later, this handbag not only survived but it thrived because of the iconic elements inspired by the house’s historic Steamer Luggage.

The Louis Vuitton City Steamer EW Bag is introduced for the Fall 2018 Collection. It’s not only smaller in size but it has also a different shape.

The Design


The Supple City Steamer EW Bag brings casual elegance to the workwear silhouette. It’s crafted with a classic look in single colors. The body is made in grained calfskin to not only give us a luxury feel, but also to make it long-lasting, durable and strong.

It comes with 2 falling down Toron handles and 1 front flat pocket with turn lock and loop for padlock. There is also a nametag attached with metallic LV signature. And another LV Circle hot-stamped signature is embellished on the back body.

The City Steam EW, PM and MM size


The Original Shape Of The City Steamer Bag (PM/MM)

The City Steamer in EW size is a style of its own. Let’s do a comparison, shall we?

The City Steamer Bag in EW measures 13.4’ x 9’ x 5.5’ inches (L x H x W) while the PM size measures 10.5’ x 9’ x 4’ (L x H x W) inches. So the EW is evenly tall as the PM size, but its much bigger in width. The bag is also deeper, so it can store much more stuff than the PM.

Now let’s do quick comparison with the MM size. The MM size measures 12.2’ x 10.5’ x 4.7’ (L x H x W) inches. So what’s the conclusion here? The EW size is even bigger in length when comparing to the MM size. The MM size is taller, but the EW size remains bigger in width.

The Interior


There is a special security built-in the City Steamer EW Bag – inside you will find a hook to secure belongings. In the interior you can also find a large flat zipped pocket as well as a large main compartment.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 13.4’ x 9’ x 5.5’ inches (L x H x W), priced at $28800 HKD, €2800 EUR, £2610 GBP, $5100 AUD, ¥26700 CNY via Louis Vuitton boutiques.

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Romee Strijd dresses in black for the May 25, 2018 cover of ES Magazine. The blonde beauty poses in an oversized straw hat from Giorgio Armani with an Eres swimsuit. Photographed by Max Papendieck, Romee wears elegant fashions for the accompanying spread. Stylist Jessica dos Remediosselects chic ensembles including statement jewelry and blouses.

Romee Strijd Embraces Elegant Fashions for ES Magazine

Romee Strijd Embraces Elegant Fashions for ES Magazine

Romee Strijd Embraces Elegant Fashions for ES Magazine

Romee Strijd Embraces Elegant Fashions for ES Magazine

Romee Strijd Embraces Elegant Fashions for ES Magazine

Romee Strijd Embraces Elegant Fashions for ES Magazine

Romee Strijd Embraces Elegant Fashions for ES Magazine

Romee Strijd Embraces Elegant Fashions for ES Magazine

Romee Strijd Embraces Elegant Fashions for ES Magazine

Romee Strijd Embraces Elegant Fashions for ES Magazine

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Izabel Goulart models Jimmy Choo Reeve Flat and Ellipse Clutch Bag
Izabel Goulart models Jimmy Choo ‘Reeve’ Flat and ‘Ellipse’ Clutch Bag

Izabel Goulart turns up the glam factor for Jimmy Choo’s latest Style Diary. The Brazilian model poses on location at France’s Hôtel Cap-Estel for the sun-drenched shots. Izabel goes from wearing a mannish tuxedo to sexy swimwear paired with the shoe brand’s latest designs. The brunette stunner models everything from the crystal decorated ‘Oakland/F’ sneakers to the fringe embellished ‘Viola 110’ sandals.

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Model Izabel Goulart poses in Jimmy Choo Misty 120 Sandals and Lizzy Cat-Eye Sunglasses
Model Izabel Goulart poses in Jimmy Choo ‘Misty 120’ Sandals and ‘Lizzy’ Cat-Eye Sunglasses

“I’ve always loved wearing Jimmy Choos on the red carpet, because they make you feel sexy and inject that feeling of confidence.”
–Izabel Goulart

Izabel Goulart models Jimmy Choo Viola 110 Sandals
Izabel Goulart models Jimmy Choo ‘Viola 110’ Sandals
Model Izabel Goulart poses in Jimmy Choo Tegan 100 Pumps
Model Izabel Goulart poses in Jimmy Choo ‘Tegan 100’ Pumps
Izabel Goulart looks red-hot in Jimmy Choo Viola 110 Sandals
Izabel Goulart looks red-hot in Jimmy Choo ‘Viola 110’ Sandals
Izabel Goulart models Jimmy Choo Callie Clutch Bag and Oakland/F Sneakers with Crystal Detailing
Izabel Goulart models Jimmy Choo ‘Callie’ Clutch Bag and ‘Oakland/F’ Sneakers with Crystal Detailing

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